Towards a suitable model for digital educational resources

11 June 2020 Accelerating together

Towards a fitting model for digital educational resources

Developing at a suitable model for digital educational resources is the ambition of the Accelerating Together zone, and they need your help to get there. The zone wishes to contribute to the development of a model for digital educational resources that’ll lead to a more efficient and accessible system in which the control lies with educational institutions, more than is currently the case. The first step is to map the current situation. We do this with a survey among students and lecturers.

Much work has already been done in recent years to map out existing processes and projects. In addition, people have investigated which interventions can be done to break through patterns in the chain of digital educational resources. Given the complexity of the matter, the Accelerating Together zone has decided to take more time to investigate the situation. The aim of this research is to support vision and policy development with an overview of, and insight into, the way digital educational resources are or can be used, and what obstacles arise.

The first step is to collect information from lecturers and students through a survey.

Are you a student or lecturer? Then we would like to ask you to complete this survey. During these special and busy times, we don’t make this request lightly. At the same time, online teaching is accelerated due to COVID-19, and we consider the impulse to access digital educational resources to be of great importance. Filling out the survey takes about 2 to 10 minutes. For the survey for lecturers, click here, for students, click here (Dutch and English).

Once the results of the survey have been collected, in-depth discussions will be held at various institutions. In addition to the current state of affairs, a chain analysis is also carried out and initiatives in the market where the chain is organised differently will be investigated.

The Accelerating Together zone has asked the Towards digital (open) learning materials zone to develop a vision and roadmap. Combined with this research, this forms the basis for working towards a suitable model for the use of digital educational resources in higher education.

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