Two new working groups

13 December 2020 Acceleration Plan

Acceleration by working together

The lockdown earlier this year and the continuous covid-19 crisis have had a huge impact on higher education in the Netherlands. We no longer need to convince anyone of the urgency of digitization in education, but the pandemic is also creating new problems, issues and challenges. In response to the needs of the sector, the steering group decided earlier this year to set up two additional working groups: a Remote digital assessment working group and an Online education of practical skills working group.

Remote digital assessment

The team of the Remote digital assessment working group consists of Annette Peet (SURF), Anna van der Want (HogeWerkgroep Digitaal toetsen op afstand logo diapschool Arnhem and Nijmegen) and Sharon Klinkenberg (University of Amsterdam). Sharon is chairman of SURF’s Special Interest Group Digital Assessment, and Annette is involved in remote assessment at SURF.

For the Acceleration Plan, the working group will endeavor, among other things, to bundle knowledge development around place- and time-independent testing. In addition, the team is looking ahead to the future, on a vision on this theme.

Earlier this year, we published a Digital Testing Guide with an overview of test methods and tips on how and when to use these test methods. The guide also discusses privacy, scalability and fraud resistance.

Online education of practical skills

Werkgroep Online onderwijs in praktijkvaardigheden logo diapThe Online Education of Practical Skills working group is committed to knowledge development and sharing and will ensure that the individual initiatives that have been started within institutions are linked. The working group will further develop initiatives; where are opportunities in higher education to tackle and accelerate together?

The team of this working group consists of Stijn Bos (Amsterdam UMC), Esther van der Linde (Hogeschool Arnhem and Nijmegen) and Sjieuwke Dankert (SURF). The working group will be further expanded with 8 to 14 members.


Header photo by Federico Beccari via Unsplash


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