Field Lab Digital Peer Feedback

Field lab Digital Peer Feedback

Peer feedback as an evaluation tool

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(Digital) peer feedback is the process by which students evaluate their peers’ performance based on predetermined evaluation criteria. This gives students valuable points for improvement for their own work, insight into their own learning process and experience in giving feedback to others.

The Facilitating professional development for lecturers zone has developed a field lab in which the application of (digital) peer feedback by lecturers in higher education is crucial. In a series of four meetings, lecturers learn how to use peer feedback in their own teaching in a thoughtful manner and how they can guide this process for their students. There is also room to exchange practical experiences and to evaluate the use of peer feedback. This field lab was developed and applied within the University of Twente in the spring of 2020. A work package has been drawn up on this basis: the substantive description in this work package is aimed at educational supporters who want to carry out the field lab with a group of lecturers.

Are you interested in using this field lab within your institution? Or do you have questions about the content and / or use of the work package? Feel free to contact us via

Peer feedback

Working with peer feedback

Do you want to work with peer feedback? The animation tells you more about peer feedback itself, and what the value it has.

University of Twente

Good practice: 360° Peer feedback

In 360-degree peer feedback students receive feedback at several moments, and from various perspectives. In this case that is during their work they do on a larger real-life assignment offered by business partners. Students have an active role in their own learning process as they co-create their own assessment criteria and actively ask for feedback. They gain peer feedback, complete self-assessments, receive teacher feedback, and feedback from business partners. The feedback from these different perspectives are bundled and used to improve their final assignment.

English subtitles available (see settings of the video).

360° Peer feedback
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