Field lab Learning Analytics

Download the field lab Learning Analytics and be introduced to the use of study data in higher education.

Handout Learning Analytics

The handout Learning Analytics gives lecturers a basis for giving feedback on information about the current situation, so that students and lecturers can adjust during the learning process.

Field Lab Digital Peer Feedback

The Facilitating professional development for lecturers zone has developed a field lab in which the application of peer feedback by lecturers in higher education is crucial.

Handout Formative Assessment

After the Digital Peer Feedback and the Online Didactics handout, the Facilitating Professional Development zone now also has the Formative Assessment handout available. This handout gives you as a teacher a handy basis for the design of a (digital) formative assessment.

Handbook of professional development

The Professional Development zone presents the Handbook of Professional development on educational innovation with IT.

Integral IT motion sensor

The integrated Motion Sensor is a guide for setting educational innovation in motion with IT. This guide has been developed by the Facilitation and professionalisation of lecturers zone.

Building blocks for effective professional development

In the publication “Building blocks for effective professional development in higher education aimed at educational innovation with IT – Literature study”, the Facilitating professional development for lecturers zone presents 37 building blocks. This allows institutions to make conscious and substantiated choices for the design, implementation, and analysis of their professional development.