Digital transformation

Ron Augustus is the Chief Innovation Officer and member of the Board of Directors of SURF and a member of the Strategy Team of the Acceleration Plan. Ron joined the Acceleration Plan in September. Ron wrote this column for the December edition of the newsletter.

Disruptive learning

Six months ago, the campuses of Dutch universities and colleges closed their physical doors. Our crisis management teams were prepared for many scenarios, but not for a disruptive piece of DNA. It’s tempting to draw up an (interim) balance, just six months later.

The role of education in the fight against racism

Initially, I intended to dedicate this blog post to how the covid-19 crisis has led to a huge IT acceleration at Breda University of Applied Sciences (BUas). I was going to write about how proud I am of the bottom-up movement of our education innovators. But the Black Lives Matter protests have shaken us all. They have forced us to think about our own position in and contribution to society. Education too, plays an important role in the fight against racism – personal formation is, after all, part of our social responsibility as an industry. 


Towards a suitable model for digital educational resources

Developing at a suitable model for digital educational resources is the ambition of the Accelerating Together zone, and they need your help to get there. The zone wishes to contribute to the development of a model for digital educational resources that’ll lead to a more efficient and accessible system in which the control lies with educational institutions, more than is currently the case. The first step is to map the current situation. We do this with a survey among students and lecturers.

Responsible use of learning analytics by the sector

On February 5, the third meeting of the zone Accelerating Together took place. This time the meeting was centered around the theme of learning analytics. During the meeting, members of the zone Secure and reliable use of learning analytics did several presentations. They shared best practices about collecting and analysing learning analytics at higher education institutions. In addition, their ambition to formulate a national vision on learning analytics was discussed.