The Acceleration Plan

Eight zones

Facilitating professional development for lecturers

Making continuous improvement of education self-evident

The lecturer is the starting point for educational innovation. Optimal use of the possibilities of ICT in education requires new knowledge and skills for the most important group that determines the quality of education: lecturers.

Professional Development
Better connection to the job market

Responding more quickly to the digital transformation

No field or profession escapes the impact of digitisation. Collaboration between the job market, higher education, and research groups of universities and colleges, is vital to a future-proof connection of of highly educated professionals to the job market.

Job market connection
Making education more flexible

A more flexible system for students

Flexibilisation of higher education has many facets; the educational catalog, modularisation, microcredentialing, learning outcomes, online distance learning, micromasters. There is an enormous diversity of ingredients with which higher education can be made highly flexible.

Towards digital (open) educational resources

Determining and using an optimal mix of educational resources

Searching for educational resources should be as simple as searching for a video on YouTube. Either you find what you are looking for, or it does not exist and you have to find another solution.

Digital (open) educational resources
Secure and reliable use of learning analytics

One language to talk about learning analytics

What are the preconditions that make the use of learning analytics a success? What is needed at the institution level, and what is needed at the national level?

Learning analytics
Evidence-informed educational innovation with ICT

Making the exchange of knowledge easier

We work to gain a better understanding of how knowledge infrastructure, both within an institution and at national level, can be organised in such a way that knowledge reaches educational design practice in an appropriate and timely manner.

Acceleration of educational innovation with EdTech

The Netherlands leading in the field of educational technology

Developments in the EdTech sector can make a good contribution to accelerating educational innovation. We want to make the Netherlands a fertile breeding ground for (starting) EdTech companies.

Accelerating together

Creating support for educational innovation

The initiatives of the Acceleration Plan contribute to the transition of Dutch higher education to a higher education that exploits the opportunities of digitisation. This transition requires a dialogue between administrators, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, NVAO, NWO, KNAW, NRO and other stakeholders in higher education.

Accelerating together
Acceleration Plan

Leading in technological educational innovation

The Acceleration Plan focuses on bringing initiatives, knowledge, and experiences together and getting started quickly and concretely on themes in which synergy is possible and where there are opportunities for higher education.

About the Acceleration Plan