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Zone Accelerating together

The zone Accelerating together consists of 17 administrators from universities of applied sciences and universities. Within this team, the administrators discuss digitisation in higher education, with special attention to the themes of the Acceleration Plan.

Accelerating Together

The initiatives of the Acceleration Plan contribute to the transition of Dutch higher education to a higher education that seizes the opportunities of digitisation. This transition requires a dialogue between administrators, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, NVAO, NWO, KNAW, NRO and other stakeholders in Dutch higher education. That is what the “Accelerating Together” zone is intended for. The team consists of seventeen administrators from universities of applied sciences and universities. Elisabeth Minnemann (Breda University of Applied Sciences) and Theo Bastiaens (Open University) are the team leaders of this zone.

Administrative encounter

The programme team facilitates for the administrators to meet and to discuss developments around the themes of the Acceleration Plan, with the aim of organising the administrative strength needed to realise the transition in Dutch higher education. Strategies are being developed to take advantage of the opportunities offered by IT in education and for international profiling of Dutch higher education. Administrative coordination on the focus of the Acceleration Plan also takes place through this zone.

12 Universities of Applied Sciences
5 Universities
17 Administrators

Zone EdTech stops in current form

22 February 2021 Acceleration of educational innovation with EdTech Editors

The steering committee has decided to discontinue the zone in its current form as of March 2021.

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