Towards digital (open) educational resources

Zone Towards digital (open) educational resources presents

The Futurelab (open) educational resources and #hoeleerjij

We used to have an abacus, then we got a calculator and then the computer entered our world. What’s next?

Digitisation has a major impact on higher education and the educational resources that we use. More and more material is digitally available and thus provides new possibilities. Students can use digital educational resources wherever and whenever they want.

Knowledge clips make new forms of education possible, such as the ‘flipped classroom’. With virtual reality, skills can be trained in almost real-life situations. Great developments, but there are also challenges. How do we guarantee student privacy? How do we monitor the ownership of data generated by use of the materials? How do we ensure that students have access to educational resources that teachers publish under an open license?

The zone Towards digital (open) educational resources has developed a common vision for learning in the 21st century and the role that digital learning plays in this. 

Design sessions

To formulate this vision the acceleration zone has organised a number of design sessions in which stakeholders from relevant disciplines and domains were asked to think about the role of technology in higher education. This has resulted in a prototype: an inspiring, tangible representation, in which the educational resources, the context in which they are used, and underlying (interaction) principles and mechanisms are depicted.

SURF Education Days

The vision constructed by the acceleration zone was presented during the SURF Education Days in november 2019. The vision for the future will give further direction to activities within the zone.