Evidence-informed educational innovation with ICT

Action Plan

Strengthening infrastructure for exchanging and using knowledge

The zone Evidence-informed educational innovation with IT envisions that in 2023 institutions in higher education work evidence-informed (as a matter of course) when designing education with IT. With this, the zone focuses specifically on key figures who can broadly stimulate and facilitate evidence-informed working methods in the area of educational innovation with IT within the institutions concerned.

The products developed by the zone are intended to stimulate awareness within institutions of what evidence-informed work entails and why it’s important. The products also aim to provide tools that support the implementation of processes of evidence-informed educational innovation with IT. For 2021, below you can find the summary of the action plan. Do you want the complete action plan? Send an e-mail to communicatie@versnellingsplan.nl.

The plan

Ambitions 2021

Develop, stimulate and facilitate

  1. Developing and making available good practices and tools illustrating all development phases of evidence-informed educational innovation with IT, designed in such a way it’s possible to project onto an optimally supported, new context;
  2. Developing and making available a knowledge base on evidence-informed educational innovation with IT, and based on this developing (online) modules that support institutions in implementing evidence-informed educational innovation with IT;
  3. To encourage and facilitate direct knowledge sharing and development regarding evidence-informed educational innovation with IT within and between institutions. We also want to provide insight into how institutions organise the process of evidence-informed educational innovation with IT and make these insights widely available.
Impact and implementation

Two-track policy

We are following a two-track policy to increase impact in 2021.

First, we focus on the members of the zone and institutions involved: How can we increase the impact there and involve them as much as possible in the work packages?

As a second track, we focus on awareness of evidence-informed educational innovation with IT. To this end, the products developed by the zone, in consultation with the communication advisor and product manager of the Acceleration Plan, will be designed in an appealing way and a communication strategy will be set up providing maximum support for the goals formulated by the zone towards the outside world.

To further increase knowledge sharing and impact, we’re closely involved in developments surrounding the NRO Knowledge Hub (onderwijskennis.nl). For example, the template developed for good examples and the joint management of the Acceleration Plan.

Team leader

Fleur Prinsen (the current team leader is Nico Boot)

Former team leader Fleur Prinsen talks about the plans of her zone. (Dutch only)