Database good practices and instruments

Evidence-informed educational innovations with IT

Good practices and instruments

Good practices can play an important role in the substantiated deployment and (further) development of educational innovations. Not only when it comes to educational applications such as blended learning, VR capabilities or learning analytics. Much is also known about effective implementation strategies. Which processes lead to successful implementations? And under what conditions do they work best?

The Evidence-informed educational innovation with IT zone is therefore developing a library to collect good practices and instruments for evidence-informed working and make it widely available. Here you will soon find the start for a national database with substantiated educational innovations / innovation processes. In this way we prevent everyone having to invent the wheel for himself and we encourage knowledge sharing.

We use the template for Good Practices to make a nice set of good examples accessible to a wide audience in an appealing way. Download the template here (only available in Dutch). You can also use this in your own institution.