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Flexibilisation of higher education knows many facets; such as an educational catalog, modularisation, microcredentialing, standardisation, flexible planning, learning outcomes, online learning (at distance), forms of face-to-face and online education, learning-independent testing, micro-masters, agreements on the organisation of cooperation, and of course the concept of lifelong learning. There is an enormous diversity in the ingredients which we can use to make higher education more flexible.

15 Universities of Applied Sciences
6 Universities
4 Student routes
Sam Stuijver

Study at one's own pace

Sam Stuijver of the Flexible education zone talks about the results of the Challenge Day 2020 in which suppliers were challenged to design student information systems in such a way that studying at their own pace becomes possible.


Student paths

Below are the four images of the student paths. From left to right they are the student paths At your own pace, Off the beaten track (mobility), MyDiploma and Modular learning. The zone has also produced slides about the student paths:

Download the slides about the student journeys here

Flexible within existing frameworks

3 December 2020 Making education more flexible Matthijs Harmsen

On November 26, the Quality Issues working group within the Making education more flexible zone organized a network meeting "Flexible education within existing frameworks: challenges and ...

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Student Mobility pilot

19 May 2020 Making education more flexible Editors

Students must be able to register for courses at other institutions at the click of a button. That is one of the ambitions of the ...

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Shifting down

30 April 2020 Making education more flexible Sam Stuijver

The first digital meeting of the Flexible education zone took place on 17 April. In the midst of a pandemic, the team explored what COVID-19 does ...

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Looking back on 2019: The zone Flexible education

30 March 2020 Making education more flexible Editors

The first year of the Acceleration Plan is over. In a series of interviews we look back on 2019 with the leaders of the zones. In ...

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Interview series: Nicole Will & Michiel de Jong

17 October 2019 Making education more flexible Editors

To celebrate the launch of the new Acceleration Plan website, we did a series of interviews with members of the Acceleration Plan about their experiences ...

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One-pager Student Mobility Pilot

Making education more flexible

The Flexible education zone is currently working on the Student Mobility pilot. The zone works ...

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Action plan 2020 zone Flexibilisation

Making education more flexible

This zone works on making education flexible in time, pace, place and programme. This is ...

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Action plan zone 2019 Flexibilisation

Making education more flexible

The acceleration team consists of 17 participating institutions with various notions and projects in the field ...

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Flyer zone Flexible Education English

Making education more flexible

Over the next four years, the Flexibilisation Team will be working on the meaning and ...

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