Strengthening digital human capital

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Responding quickly to the digital transformation

Zone Human capital

The Strengthening digital human capital zone aims to develop digital skills in higher education with a focus on digital transformation, so that students are trained to become wanted professionals and professionals can continue to develop themselves.

Digitalisation is changing society at a rapid pace. As a result, the expectations and requirements of employers and society are also changing. The digital skills of our graduates can be improved. This concerns basic IT knowledge, information literacy, and computational skills, with precise content varying depending on the study programme. As a zone, we ask the job market and education the question: what is needed to train students and professionals to become digitally proficient professionals? The aim is for them to be equipped for new professions and to be able to contribute to solving various social and economic issues in which digitisation plays a role.

4 Universities of Applied Sciences
4 Work packages
Brenda Vos

Activities Strengthening digital human capital Zone

Brenda Vos tells about the work from the zone.


Job market connection zone becomes Human capital zone

29 April 2021 Strengthening digital human capital Editors

The zone Better connection to the labour market zone has a new name: Strengthening digital human capital. With this, the zone wants to emphasise its ...

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Results focus group Hybrid Learning Environments

10 February 2021 Strengthening digital human capital Lonneke Brands

On 1 February, the Better connection to the job market zone met in a focus group with various participants about hybrid learning environments.

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Report Data-driven connection labour market

21 January 2021 Strengthening digital human capital David Otten

How can you better use data for the connection between training and the professional field? You can read this in the report Data-driven connection to ...

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Job market connection zone starts focus group and is looking for participants

16 December 2020 Strengthening digital human capital Editors

The Better Connection to the Job Market is starting a focus group for the validation of recommendations to organise the collaboration between education and the ...

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COVID-19 crisis culture shock

13 May 2020 Strengthening digital human capital Mariëlle Taks

It was 2018. A call for action. Digitisation is everywhere, but higher education is too slow. Accelerate? Yes of course! That is why we all ...

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Action plan zone 2020 Job market connection

Strengthening digital human capital

Based on five work packages, this zone works with the professional field, research and education ...

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Action plan zone 2019 Job market connection

Strengthening digital human capital

Productive cooperation between the professional field, education, and research in the field of digitisation is ...

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