Better connection to the job market

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Responding quickly to the digital transformation

Zone Job market connection

The digital skills of our graduates can be improved. This concerns basic IT knowledge, information literacy and computational skills, with the precise content varying depending on the study programme. This is only possible in conversation with the job market, our lecturers, education directors and deans about which digital skills are relevant for which study programme and how these can be included in the curricula. In addition to focusing on digital skills, attention must also be paid to the digital resilience of our students and to ethical issues.

5 Universities of Applied Sciences
1 University
4 Work packages
Team leader

Caroline van de Molen

Team leader Caroline tells about the plans of her zone for 2020.


Looking back at 2019: Zone Job market education

1 April 2020 Better connection to the job market Programme team

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Action plan zone 2020 Job market connection

Better connection to the job market

Based on five work packages, this zone works with the professional field, research and education ...

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Action plan zone 2019 Job market connection

Better connection to the job market

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