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Online education of practical skills

During the closure of educational institutions due to the pandemic, the switch to online education was made in an extremely short time. One of the most important themes for which a solution had to be found was the digital supply of education in practical skills. A new issue that had no specific place in the Acceleration Plan, yet.

Opportunities for higher education

To join forces around this theme and to ensure acceleration, the Online Education in Practical Skills working group has started. This working group will ensure knowledge development and sharing and connect the individual initiatives that are currently in place. The working group will further develop initiatives; what are the existing opportunities in higher education we can tackle and accelerate together? The following steps are covered:

  1. Gaining insight on good & failed practices
  2. Directing in sharing good practices
  3. Connecting people who are looking for experiences and solutions in a network
  4. Develop a plan where and how national cooperation leads to acceleration

Goal of the working group

The working group is set up because of the accelerated transition to online education following the pandemic. Solutions for online practical education can therefore reduce study delay among students due to the corona situation. However, we look beyond the pandemic. The solutions also offer possibilities for online education of practical skills post-covid. The solutions can make higher education even more effective, efficient and flexible then it was before the pandemic started.


Do you have experience in teaching practical skills education online? Are you a researcher, policy officer, or educational supporter with expertise in areas such as simulation, video, teaching, and testing skills? Or would you like to contribute to online education in practical skills? Please get in touch by sending an email to Sjieuwke Dankert, project secretary the working group.

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