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Remote Digital Assessment

Due to the pandemic, assessment independent of place and time is high on the agenda. The Remote Assessment working group is committed to pooling knowledge development around this subject and is looking ahead to the future by developing a vision on this theme.

The goal of the working group

The activities of the working group focus on:

  • Identifying issues and actively sharing new insights.
  • Driving solutions to the issues.
  • Develop practical tools.
  • Joining forces of the different networks.

The goal is to identify and publish issues and new insights before September 2021. By doing so, the first solutions for the most acute problems must be initiated. The target group also wants the tools and handles to reach the stakeholders through the various national networks.


The working group focuses on both formative and summative remote assessment. The themes that the working group will be working on in the near future include test goal & design, procedures, organisation, online proctoring and vision on assessment.

  1. Goal and design
  2. Procedures
  3. Organising remote assessment
  4. (Online) proctoring
  5. Vision on remote assessment

All five theme’s contribute to better remote (digital) assessment. Alle vijf de thema’s dragen bij aan betere toetsing op afstand. For knowledge and professional skills assessments as well as for insight testing. Want to know more about the themes?


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